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        Ningbo Sharpin Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Chunxiao Town, a ecological town—the seashore of East Sea of China with beautiful scenery, which is next to the fifth biggest port of the world—Belie port. This special geographical location makes Sharpin even more energetic and vigorous. It has the verve like the sea, which inspirit people of Sharpin to move forward no matter how difficult it may encounter.

  Since its establishment on March 1st, 2002, Sharpin always concentrates its effort on research, development and production of sensors, believing that specialization makes successful. It has made its brand name very famous within the same field.

Enterprise mission: by continuous effort and innovation, to promote the standardization process of sensor market in China and enhance the competitive force
Enterprise culture: active, precise, standard and innovative
Business objective: become an expert in the field of sensors
Business idea: always consider customer needs and always meet their demands
Management policy: promote business performance by good management, develop with innovation and create first class brand
Talent ideology: both good in moral and skill, but moral quality comes first


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