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“microcomputer calling service system” joining process of Shaepin Electronics             
一  application qualification                                               
1.Companies or individuals who understand service industry, such as catering and entertainment and are familiar with relevant running mode.
2.Enterprises or individuals who fully understand market prospect and business opportunities of “microcomputer calling service system”.                
3. Companies or individuals who identity management idea of “microcomputer calling service system”.
?nbsp; Channel position: “exclusive agency”, “special sales”
Concept explanation:                                             
1.Exclusive agent: the agent enjoys exclusive agency policy authorized by Shaepin Electronics within its area and city, Shaepin Electronics is responsible for regional protection, and the agent could develop distributors and lower level partners. (Exclusive agent can only apply for agency to Shaepin Electronics Co., Ltd.)                                   
2.Special distributor: the special distributor could sell “microcomputer calling service system” in appointed city authorized by Shaepin Electronics within its area and city, enjoys purchase price of special distributor and no minimum purchase limit, could develop lower level partners. The special distributor can apply for exclusive agent qualification and sign exclusive agent protocol after it meet certain market standard. The special distributor can apply for agency to agent or to Shaepin Electronics Co., Ltd.

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