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Addresses of General Manager
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      Today is an age of global economic integration and information. We will meet an entire new world full of opportunity and challenges. Sharpin Electronics Co., Ltd. will be devoted to reform and innovation by the spirit of holding various minds and with indomitable verve, walk towards the international market; enter the system of production and supply of global electronic products.   

      People first are the base of our development. Product innovation is based on science and technology, but science and technology is based on people. People create products and science and technology as well. Every staff’s progress can represent company’s achievement, every customer’s praise and affirmation can bring limitless joy! We are joyful and inspired for every value created by ourselves!   

      Customer’s satisfaction is our struggle objective. We will continue to make great efforts, constantly make progress, actively improve enterprise’s condition and strengthen enterprise’s competitiveness in order to show you perfect business idea of first rate products, excellent and outstanding service and individualized management. Communication by internet shortens our distance, which also brings ongoing motive force. We will go forward hand in hand with you, make joint efforts and create new achievement together!

President: Zhang Jianhai

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