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  Sharpin Company is devoted to leading in the same trade of after service fields. We have set up offices in various provinces. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact our offices near to you. As a rule, your requirements can be solved within 16 hours. If you have any dissatisfaction to our after service staff, please appeal to our company. The appealing telephone is 0574-86098765. We wish our service will satisfy you.  
Office Name Telephone Fax
Shijiazhuang 袁 世 ?/td> 139-3317-3911 0311-86101818
Zhengzhou 刘 亚 ?/td> 130-7379-5537 0371-68861737
Shanghai/ Jiangsu/ Anhui 柯 如 ?/td> 136-7193-2483 021-64516413
Changsha 项 美 ?/td> 138-5828-0968 0731-21600953
Shangdong 汤 建 ?/td> 137-5716-2303 \
Jiangxi/ Datong 夏 攀 ?/td> 137-5322-0132 0352-7680197
Guangzhou 邵 吉 ?/td> 133-8018-7616 0769-22718458
Tangshan 张 宝 ?/td> 159-0426-1959 \



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